The Journey and great lip balms


The Journey of Great Lip Balms

We are a Mother-Daughter duo that wants you to have the best lip balm experience....ever.  

It started when Emily did not want to sell chocolates to raise funds for her cultural exchange  to India.  The chocolates were basic quality and she thought people did not really want them.   She wanted something useful AND healthy to sell that people really like.   This is how we started making organic lip balms.


So we researched and tried various formulas.  With Emily going to India we chose to focus on recipes that have Ayurvedic ingredients (Indian holistic approach to health).  This led us to automatically avoid harsh chemicals, petroleums and chemically based "fragrances" that are in many lip balms.


We got such positive feedback from the balms we made that we continued making them after the trip...and expanded the range of flavours.    

That's why we say.... 

"Made to Care"